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Quality Warranty

RomCadou guarantees the freshness and superior quality of all the products sold through its online store. If you have any questions regarding the products we offer please contact us at support@romcadou.comRomCadou's customers deserve only the best!

Service Warranty

A order confirmed is a delivered order. RomCadou SRL guarantees its clients that once,   an order is confirmed by RomCadou, the order will be delivered as instructed by the client. If you are looking for something RomCadou does not currently offer please contact us at support@romcadou.com; and we will satisfy your request. RomCadou's customers deserve excellent customer service!

Privacy Warranty

RomCadou SRL will not use the information submitted by its customers for any purposes other than communicate to the clients transaction related details. For your protection, RomCadou does not store in its database any credit card associated information. RomCadou's customer are protected against identity theft!