Frequently Asked Questions


What is the quality of the products you offer?

In order to guarantee the satisfaction of those receiving the romcadous, we are using only superior quality products.

Do you offer any warranties regarding the exact content of the product ordered from your site?

RomCadou reserves the right to substitute from the original romcadou, secondary products. The replaced products will be of higher quality and cost compared to the products in the original romcadou.

What is the quality of the flowers you offer?

RomCadou guarantees the freshness and superior quality of the flowers it offers.

What is the flower delivery procedure?

In order to guarantee the superior quality RomCadou partners with the most renowned local flower shops. Most often, the local flower shops will process the flowers on behalf of RomCadou. If the flowers are to be delivered in a secondary city, RomCadou reserves the right to deliver the flowers through the door-to-door courier service.

Can I create and send my own flower bouquet?

Yes, if you are looking for something we are not offering please write us an email at, and in a short time we will contact you back with the details regarding the bouquet you would like to create.

Can I create my own romcadou with my own selection of products?

Yes. In order to create your customized romcadou please write us an email at and provide us with the list of products you would to have in your own romcadou. In a short time we will contact you back with all the details regarding your customized romcadou.

If I would like to order something you do not offer on your web site is there any chance that you will consider the order? Daca doresc sa command ceva ce nu oferiti momentan, exista posibilitatea, de a considera comanda?

Yes. RomCadou is constantly looking for ways of enlarging its product offer. If you would like to order a special item, which we currently do not tender, please write us an email at and we will do our best to satisfy your wish in a short time.

If I order a romcadou and a bouquet of flowers, how will the order be delivered?

Ussually the romcadou will be deliver through the door-to-door courier service, while the flowers will be delivered by our partner local flower shop located in the destination city.


What is an order?

An order is everything in the shopping cart that is to be delivered at only one shipping address.

Is it allowed to request delivery to two separate addresses in the same order?

No. An order has only one shipping address. If you would like to have an order delivered to two different addresses please put in a separate order for each shipping address.

What are the delivery warranties?

RomCadou takes all the precautions to deliver the order as instructed by you. If you have any concerns about the delivery process please write us at and we will offer you the support you need.

Payment Method

What payment methods do you accept?

The payment methods we are offering are: Visa and MasterCard credit card, bank transfer, e-mandat through Romanian Postal Office, and Western Union transfer.

Can I pay in a different currency other than the ROL?

If you are paying with a credit card, in the checkout process, you can select to pay in other currency. Some of the available currencies are: Canadian Dollars, Euro, British Pounds, and some other currencies as well. After you selected credit card as your payment method, click on continue. Continue the checkout steps. When you reach the checkout screen and you are required to enter the credit card details before entering your payment information click on "Back". This action will lead you to a screen where you can select the desired payment currency. Next click "Save and Checkout", enter the payment required information and continue the transaction.

Do you accept Romanian Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept any credit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Do you accept debit cards?

We do not accept debit cards without the Visa or MasterCard logo.

How can I pay if I do not have a credit card?

If you do not have a credit card you can pay through wire transfer, eMandat, or Western Union transfer. For more details please click here.

If I order something for myself can I pay when the order is delivered?

No, an order is processed only after we receive the payment confirmation.


In what cities do you deliver in Romania?

RomCadou delivers romcadous everywhere in Romania.

Which are the primary and which are the secondary cities?

All major Romanian cities (county residence cities) are considered primary cities, while the rest are considered secondary cities.

What cities qualify for free delivery?

All orders over 80RON that are to be delivered in primary cities will be free of shipping charge.

What is the shipping charge?

For orders over 80RON that have a primary city as the destination, the shipping is free. For orders under 80RON that are shipped in primary cities, the shipping charge is 25RON. When the delivery address is in a secondary city there is a 25RON shipping charge with orders over 80RON and 45RON with orders under 80RON.

What shipping method do you employ?

In order to offer a personalized service, RomCadou ships all the orders through door-to-door courier service.

Can I select a different shipping method?

The preferred shipping method is door-to-door courier service; however, if you would like to have your order delivered in a different way; please do not hesitate to contact us as and we will try to offer you the requested service.

How log does it take from the moment when I submit an order until the recipient will receive the romcadou?

If the delivery address is in a primary city, the processing time is approximately 4 business days including the day when you submitted the order and the day when the recipient will receive the romcadou. For orders delivered in secondary cities, the processing time can take up to 6 business days. If you would like your order delivered sooner please contact us at and we will try to satisfy your request.

What will happen with the romcadou in case the recipient is not home?

The door-to-door courier service guarantees 2 free delivery times. If the recipient is not home at the first attempt, the courier will try a second delivery attempt the next day. If the phone number of the recipient is available, the courier will contact the recipient and decide on the most convenient delivery time for the recipient. RomCadou greatly appreciates your cooperation in providing us with the recipient's phone number.

Do you offer any warranties for the delivery date?

RomCadou takes all the measures to guarantee the delivery date. RomCadou is not responsible for a late delivery in cases of natural disasters. If the delivery date you selected corresponds with a national holiday, RomCadou will deliver the order, the day prior to your selected date.

How long does it take from the moment I receive the order confirmation until the order will be shipped to the recipient?

In order to guarantee the delivery date and the freshness of the products, RomCadou processes the order in the 72 hours prior to the delivery date.


How can I know when the order was delivered?

In order to see the progress of an order, please log into your account. Under the title Orders all the orders initiated by you are listed. Each order has a status associated with it. The status represents the stage the order is in currently.

How can I make sure that the recipient of the order received the order?

When an order has the status Processed click on Details and the order details will be displayed. The second field under the Invoice header is called Status. The status associated with a delivered order offers information about who signed for the receiving of the gift.

What warranties do you offer if the recipient is not pleased with the order?

RomCadou's contact information is sent with each order. If the recipient is not pleased, we can be contacted and we will try to please the recipient.