The Symbol of Colors

Everything around us has a color, a fragrance or a sound. For every person, there is a specific color that fits well and matches his or her personality. Here are the meaning of the colors:

Red it emphasizes on the spirit of observation of the observer, being a very powerful color. Red is a color capturing attention right away. It is recommended that those wearing red to be very self confident and open. Red is also the color of passion. It generally has a stimulating effect calling for action and provocation. It also acts as an intellectual stimulator. This color best characterizes an active, independent, and competitive individual. Red symbolizes heat, fire, passion, aim, and aggressiveness. The color red enables people to be more proactive when taking decisions and gives them more self confidence.

Pink makes the person wearing it to love the world. Pink is the color of love and it is the most romantic and sensitive color. Pink is the color of sexuality and of a quiet love, a love that builds up. This color has a relaxing effect and creates a feeling of peace.

Green is the color of financial excellence. Those wearing green are likely to take initiatives, and to create an atmosphere of relaxation, meditation, equilibrium, peace, and safety. This color characterizes the person who is passive, defensive, independent, but shy.

Blue is the color of the intellectual, being a very calming color. Blue can also represent the color of a hidden burning love. This color enables the development of processes such as inhibition and slowness leading to reverie, focus, tranquility, earnestness, and meditation. Blue, in excess can lead to depression. This color is characterized by the intensity of the feeling. This color characterizes the person who is passive, sensitive, and perceptive.

Yellow is the color of jealousy. It stimulates and maintains vigilant activities, increases the focusing power, enables communication, and gives the feeling of warmth and intimacy. Yellow is characteristic to the person who is active, expansive, with an investigation spirit, and with an increased level of aspiration.

Purple is the color of pain, but also the color of paranormal. It has a stimulating disquieting, discouraging effect giving the feeling of solemnity. The psychological meaning is that of sadness and melancholy.

White is the color of cure, purification, new, calm, and sincerity. The color has effects of expansion, easiness, suavity, purity, coldness, peace, tranquility, innocence, cleanness, and austerity.

Black suggests confusion, pain, and separation. It has a negative vibe. The psychological effects are those of hesitation, uneasiness, depression, introversion, felling sod deepness, weight. The psychological meanings are those of sadness, ending, lonliness, separation, and mourning.

Grey is the color of those working in the fields of finance and insurance. This color suggests financial support and power.

Brown is a color that defeats the extravagance. In some situation this color creates tension. Brown is the color of the forest and of the earth. It is a strong color, building trust, and helping to create a neutral atmosphere enabling comfort and hominess. The psychological meaning for brown is that of sincerity, power, and maturity.

Gold is the color of spiritual perfection and purity.

Orange is the color of happiness. Orange emanates maternal feelings as well as the need in offering protection. It has a positive emotional stimulating effect, giving the feeling of coziness. The psychological meanings associated are those of optimism, joy, and sociability.